Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: I dread “Dredd,” but it will probably win the weekend box office. I’d rather see the limited release about Vogue editrix Diana Vreeland. Television: TV indulges in its annual orgy of self-aggrandizement known as the Emmys: predicted winners here. I’ve given up on PBS’s current Broadway talent show and its Wallander episodes; I’ll be watching HBO’s premiere of Treme. Music: Pink’s “The Truth About Love” is besting most of the baby-boomer fare (Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews) on the CD charts. Lovers of the American songbook should note that Barbara Cook has a new release. Books: I’m a big fan of “The Nine,” Jeff Toobin’s book about the Supreme Court, but so far I’m finding his new volume, “The Oath,” about Obama and Chief Justice Roberts, to be pretty warmed-over. Sports: Soured on baseball? Tired of football? Try the Cricket World Cup, a huge planetary event being streamed in the US by ESPN. Finally: Only 47 days to get through before the election. Unfortunately, there are 96 days to endure before we’ve got Christmas safely behind us.

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