Search For Da Vinci Artwork Is Put On Hold

A longstanding Leonardo da Vinci mystery — the fate of a lost masterpiece known as the “Battle of Anghiari” –- will remain unsolved. The ambitious project to find the long-lost artwork has been put on indefinite hold and the massive scaffolding erected for the hunt will be dismantled at the end of the month. The scaffoldings have been standing for nearly 10 months in front of a frescoed wall in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence’s 14th-century city hall, in the imposing Hall of Five Hundred. This was a room built at the end of the 15th century to accommodate the meetings of the Florentine Council. Right there, behind a mural known as the “Battle of Marciano,” would lie Da Vinci’s masterpiece, according to art diagnostic expert Maurizio Seracini , director of the Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture and Archaeology at the University of California, San Diego. Will the mystery ever be solved?

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