Prince Harry Broke The “11th Commandment”

Last month pictures emerged of Prince Harry at a party in a Las Vegas hotel standing in front of a woman, wearing only a gold ring tied around his neck. In another image the 27-year-old Prince appears to be shown “bear-hugging” a woman next to a pool table. So what does the former Chief of General Staff of Britain’s armed forces, Sir General Mike Jackson, have to say about this? He says that Prince Harry’s crime was that he breached the “11th commandment”: he got caught. Doesn’t seem very adult in his reasoning, General Jackson, does he? By that moral principle, it’s less offensive to commit a murder than to be nabbed for it. Absurd. The general also backs the decision to send Harry into harm’s way in Afghanistan. There were fears Harry’s presence might pose a security risk to other soldiers, particularly after a recent assault on Camp Bastion in which the Taliban claimed to be targeting the prince and in which soldiers were killed. Sir Mike said: “He’s a young officer in the Army and he must do his duty along with all other soldiers. There is no question in my mind about that. Let’s be clear. It’s what he wants as any young officer with red blood in his veins is going to want: to go on operations.” Even if his presence increases the risk that others will lose their lives. Lovely.

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