“Last Resort” Off To A Speedy Start

Tense and well-acted by stars Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman, “Last Resort” is one of the best-reviewed new shows of the fall season, as well as being one that carries a big risk of dropping in quality. The pilot that aired on Thursday night told a complex tale with swift efficiency. Braugher and Speedman head up a Navy ballistic missle submarine, the USS Colorado. As Captain Marcus Chaplin and XO Lt. Commander Sam Kendal, respectively, the ship receives an order to launch a missile at Pakistan. Something’s fishy about this drastic directive, however, and when Chaplin balks at firing, he’s relieved of command and his second in command (the “XO”) is put in charge. The challenge of the show will be to keep up the pulsing drama every week in a creative way.

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