Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: “Hotel Transylvania” for the kids, “Looper” for the action freaks, and “Won’t Back Down” for fans of Viola Davis. Television: An autumn horn of plenty on Sunday: premieres of “The Good Wife,” “Revenge,” and “Homeland.” Plus the acclaimed Brit series “Call The Midwife,” on PBS. Music: I keep thinking of Mumford & Sons as Dombey & Sons. Whatever they’re called, their new CD, “Babel,” is top of the charts. Books: I think I’ll avoid JK Rowling’s foray into adult lit, “The Casual Vacancy.” I’m engrossed in Salman Rushdie’s memoir, “Joseph Anton.” Sports: So glad the NFL replacement-ref situation is resolved, so we can get back to deciding which American League baseball teams will make the playoffs. Finally: Whether or not Kanye West releases his sex tape(s) is not the greatest threat to civilization.

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