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The Cure For Masturbation From 50 Cent

In case you weren’t looking, the new movie “The Master” (which I do not recommend) features … Read more »

Barclays Center Keeps Attracting Criticism

Brooklyn’s $1 billion Barclays Center opens tomorrow, when rapper Jay-Z leads off with eight sold-out shows … Read more »

Rihanna: “Diamonds”

Unveiling: A Younger Version Of Mona Lisa?

For generations the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa has captured the imaginations of thousands of … Read more »

Stockard Channing Joins “The Good Wife”

What actress is strong enough to play Alicia’s mom on “The Good Wife”? How about a … Read more »

Tim Tebow & Museum Of Sex

by Michael Warbux
Tim Tebow was given a lifetime membership to The Museum of Sex. It’s ironic … Read more »

Harry Potter Author Uses Dirty Words

Allison Pearson says that ‘in ‘The Casual Vacancy‘, JK Rowling bewilders her fans with an uneven, … Read more »