Benedict Cumberbatch To Play Julian Assange?

About a decade ago, a wonderful American actor named Malcolm Gets landed a string of plum roles in New York theatre. So people started calling him Malcolm Gets Everything. Something similar has been happening with the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch (pictured): he pops up in so many movies and TV shows you have to wonder if he’s been replaced by a bionic version which requires no sleep. How else to explain his ubiquity? The only explanation I can muster is that, except for Sherlock Holmes, Cumberbatch (old Hollywood would NEVER have allowed him to keep that name) has appeared in big movies (“War Horse,” “Tinker Tailor”) mostly in supporting roles, which didn’t require a full three-month commitment. If Benny plays Julian Assange in the upcoming Bill Condon movie, however, he’s going to have to give up everything while the shoot unspools.

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