TV’s Sunday-Night Scorecard: New Season

Since every other hour-long quality drama broadcasts on Sunday, just how are all these programs faring so far in the new season? 1) “The Good Wife“: except for a stupid sadistic-sex subplot involving Kalinda, the show is off to a decent start. Plus: Nathan Lane! Grade: B+ 2) “Upstairs Downstairs“: There’s only been one new episode, and I already miss the dynamic duo who created the series way back in the Pleistocene: Jean Marsh and Eileen Atkins. But the countdown-to-world-war-two details are nicely handled. Grade: B 3) “Revenge“: Madeleine Stowe’s Victoria is not nearly as much fun this season. Otherwise, the Hamptons-rich ambience is still in place. But I’m beginning to “hate-watch” this show, rather than enjoy it. Grade: B- 4) “Homeland“: I’m starting to hear complaints, but so far the high level is being maintained. Grade: A- 5) “Call the Midwife“: If you had told me a month ago that my favorite new program of the season would be about young midwives delivering babies (graphically so) in the impoverished East End of London right after the Second World War, I would have told you to stop having that third cocktail every night. But it’s true: “Midwife” delivers! Grade: A

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