“Flight,” “Skyfall”: What We Thought

Over the weekend, I saw “Flight,” starring Denzel Washington as a heroic, substance-abusing pilot. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, I found the movie highly suspenseful, too long, and unsubtle by half. Washington, though, is terrific: a surefire Oscar nom, though I don’t think he’ll win a third statuette. I suspect “Flight” (released Nov. 2) will do well at the box office, though I doubt many airlines will have it on their entertainment systems for a while. Yesterday, I also read several excellent reviews of the new Bond movie, “Skyfall” (released Nov. 9). I’m not usually a Bond fan, but I’ll be sure to shell out after reading this review by Todd McCarthy, the most reliable movie critic in America: ‘Dramatically gripping while still brandishing a droll undercurrent of humor, this beautifully made film will certainly be embraced as one of the best Bonds by loyal fans worldwide and leaves you wanting the next one to turn up sooner than four years from now.’

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