Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: “The Sessions,” about a man in an iron lung who wants to lose his virginity, has a serious Oscar contender in its lead actor, John Hawkes. “Paranormal Activity 4” has gotten weak reviews, but it may put you in a Halloween mood. Television: The must-see for the weekend is the premiere of “Hunted” on Friday on Cinemax. Music: If she stops sleeping with young Kennedys maybe I can bring myself to listen to Taylor Swift’s new CD, “Red.” Meanwhile, Rod Stewart has a Christmas CD: what took him so long? Books: This is depressing: there isn’t a single book on the Amazon best-seller list that I haven’t already read that I want to read. Time to re-visit “The Great Gatsby,” I guess. Sports: I’m trying to forget the Yankees’ pathetic postseason by focusing on the New York team that’s rocking: da Giants. After last week’s dramatic win against Stanford, I’m watching Notre Dame football again. Finally: Whoever wins the election, the rich will still be rich, and the rest of us will still be screwed.

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