Television: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Call the Midwife: The pathos was ladled on a bit thick this week. Still, love the nunnies and the nurses (left). Grade: B+. The Good Wife: The Peter Floreck intern affair subplot is growing thin. What the hell’s going on with Nathan Lane’s character? And what can we say about Lane’s longtime friend and former onstage partner Christine Baranski (right) other than: there’s nobody else like her? Grade: B. Homeland: Now that we’ve seen four episodes of the new season, the show has shown that it is willing to do anything at any time. Good. With Brody arrested, the sketchy details behind terror attacks and espionage can be put aside. Can “Homeland” NOW focus on the character work it does so well? Grade: A-. Upstairs Downstairs: Aunt Blanche appears in a novel by a former lover, sparking a scandal that threatens the good name of Eaton Place. Almost juicy. Grade: B-.

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