Television: Sunday-Night Scorecard

The Good Wife: Christina Ricci flashed her breasts and told fart jokes. Nathan Lane tried to engineer a buyout for the firm. No crazy love-life scenes for Kalinda. Yay! Grade: B. Upstairs Downstairs: The second rebooted season ended, and World War Two has begun. (There won’t be a third season.) Milord and Her Ladyship (Keeley Hawes and Ed Stoppard, pictured) were as insufferable as ever, and as far as I’m concerned deserved their marital troubles. I watched the entire episode, even though its melodramatic excesses were grating. Grade: C+. Homeland: Some people can’t handle their emotions. Even the show’s one self-controlled character, Saul Berenson, noted that he lost control of his while dealing with Aileen at the prison. Saul assuming a connection existed between him and Aileen becomes foolhardy as we all get reminded of an unfortunate truth: Prison does not always rehabilitate its prisoners. Otherwise: we keep waiting, and waiting, for Brody and Carrie’s relationship to explode. Grade: B.

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