Television: Sunday-Night Scorecard

The Good Wife: The break from Kalinda with her man, Nick, was short-lived, alas, and now it involves the cutie pie Carey: sheesh. Meanwhile, is Amanda Peet going to continue to get as much on-air time as Christine Baranski? Grade: B+. The Dust Bowl: The latest Ken Burns project is not on an iconic subject: World War II, Jazz, Baseball. Maybe that’s why I loved it, especially the black-and-white cinematography: no surprise since we’re dealing with the 1930s. Grade: A. Homeland: Last week, there was growing nervousness online over the show’s trajectory, and it sneaking into “24” territory. There has also been considerable backlash over the Dana story. But the show moved on from all this as well as any could, and now it’s just a footnote that created some interesting changes. Grade: B+.

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