Dolly Parton: “I’m Not Gay”

Dolly Parton has denied rumors of a romantic relationship with her childhood best friend, Judy Ogle, in an interview with ABC’s “Nightline.” It’s interesting how in 2012 so many people — Oprah is another example — don’t seem to understand what it means to have an orientation towards someone of the same sex. It doesn’t mean necessarily that you are sleeping with that person; the primary emotional attachment is at least as strong. I wish that Dolly and Oprah would acknowledge that more realistic definition, instead of parroting the “I’m not gay” response. But I love Dolly, so her position doesn’t bother me — unlike my feeling about Oprah, who is so self-righteously messianic with her dwindling flock that it’s difficult to have much affection there. I wish Dolly weren’t so hooked on plastic surgery: she’s heading up to Joan Rivers/Amanda Lepore territory: in other worse, grotesque. But like Joan she’s got a great sense of humor about the subject.

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