Television: Sunday-Night Scorecard

The Good Wife: Amazing how fast Kalinda (Archie Panjabi, pictured) went from my favorite character on the program to my least favorite character. This episode attempted to restore her to our good graces. Awkward. Grade: C+. Boardwalk Empire: The season-three conclusion brought about an absurd amount of bloodshed. I’ve really gone off this show. Grade: F. Homeland: Could Brody have bellowed Nazir’s name any louder just down the hall from the Secret Service detail at the Posh Safehouse 3000? How does Brody not get fingered for the VP’s death? (Won’t Carrie’s story of escape have to incriminate him? And if there’s a whiff of foul play, whose mitts were fumbling all over the pacemaker case?) Does Dana own a second pair of shoes? Grade: B+.

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