Another Crime For “In Cold Blood” Duo?

The Guardian tells us: ‘Two men hanged almost five decades ago for a murder that inspired “In Cold Blood,” one of the greatest true-crime novels of all time, could soon be unmasked as the perpetrators of another violent slaying in Florida, cold-case detectives believe. Richard “Dick” Hickock and Perry Smith (pictured) were featured in Truman Capote’s sixties classic that chronicled the brutal murder of a young Kansas couple and two of their four children at a remote farmhouse six years earlier. The two were convicted and hanged in 1965.

‘Now, a judge will rule whether their bodies can be exhumed to try to match them to a similar 1959 killing in Osprey, Florida, in which another young family was shot to death, a crime that shocked the small rural community. Kim McGath, a detective with the Sarasota County sheriff’s office who has been working the cold case for four years, believes DNA evidence might show that the pair was responsible for the deaths of Cliff and Christine Walker and their children Jimmie, 3, and Debbie, 2.’

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