John Waters Explains Sex And Christmas

For the past 12 years, the self-described “Pope of Trash” has toured the country each December with the solo show “A John Waters Christmas.” In a new interview about the project, Waters says: ‘“I’m obsessed with the melodrama and excitement of Christmas. Everyone should come to the show, even if you can’t stand Christmas on religious grounds, financial grounds, communist grounds, sexual grounds. Christmas is all about sex. Can you have sex in a chimney? I’m sure someone has thought of it. And in the bear community, Santa is a polar bear. Think about it. It’s very complex…Even children know there’s no Easter Bunny. It’s terrible when you’re in the mall and you see these poor women in those hot plush bunny outfits that don’t get washed every year. You also get the worst candy at Easter. And come on, do you really have to humiliate your children by making them look for hard-boiled eggs?”

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