The Royal “We” In Big Bad 3D

The Queen will be omnipresent like never before in her 3D Christmas message this year. It is the first time a member of the Royal Family has agreed to be filmed in 3D after Prince William declined to allow 3D cameras into Westminster Abbey to record his marriage to Kate Middleton last year. (The Queen recorded her message on Friday, but made no mention of the Royal Pregnancy: one doesn’t stoop so low.) But viewers will need special 3D glasses, a 3D TV and 3D box to be able to watch the Christmas message in the filmed format. Buckingham Palace has said the audience for the format is “relatively small.” The 3D broadcast marks the Queen’s latest venture into new technology. In 2007 her Christmas message was streamed over YouTube for the first time. The YouTube Royal Channel has had over 40 million views since.

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