Golden Globe Noms: A Few Quick Thoughts

Golden Globe noms were announced today. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the ceremony on January 13. A few quick thoughts. “Lincoln” reasserted its primacy over “Zero Dark Thirty” this week, getting the most GG noms. “Mad Men” wasn’t nommed for best TV drama: has it reached its sell-by date, since “Homeland” is the hot show now? “Django Unchained” is for real, and when it does big business after Christmas release, it will be even more real. But will its $$$ be enough to score an Oscar win for perennial bridesmaid Leonardo DiCaprio? I guess peeing on Zac Efron was a good career choice for Nicole Kidman, who this week got noms from both SAG and GG. Maggie Smith always gets nominated, and she’s the only person who has a legitimate outside shot at scoring Oscar noms for both best actress (“Quartet”) and best supporting actress (the “Exotic Marigold” thingie). The TV show “Smash” is a comedy? Who knew. Will Adele sing “Skyfall” at the Globes ceremony? Oh, right, they don’t have live performances. The Oscars, then?

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