“Homeland” Finale: Mandy Gets Best Lines

“Homeland” concluded its season with an episode that gave the best lines to Mandy Patinkin’s Saul, and set the series spinning forward for another season. The question is: Are you going to go with it, given what’s now happened? Further comments (including spoilers) after the jump.
As ew.com put it: ‘The finale offered up a whole host of crackling scenes. Carrie and Brody’s idyll in the cabin, witnessed by Quinn as well as us. Saul being held captive at the CIA only to be freed by an Estes who’d been well and truly threatened by a Quinn who’d become a true believer in love and common sense laced with malice: “I’m a guy who kills bad guys.” Good line.

‘Even better? The ones Mandy Patinkin got to deliver. “Well, if it isn’t Javert,” he said to Estes, as we were given a chance to chuckle through the tension at the sly musical-theater performer being given an apposite Les Miserables reference to fold into the proceedings. And later, trying to talk Carrie out of her devotion to Brody, he summed her up with the sort of abruptness that makes viewers love Saul: “You’re the smartest and the dumbest f—in’ person I’ve ever known.”’

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