Ohio Philistines Shut Down “Legally Blonde”

A high-school production of the musical “Legally Blonde” in Ohio has been deemed by administrators to be inappropriate for its audiences, resulting in the apparent dismissal of a drama teacher. A report from station WLWT in Cincinnati said that Sonja Hansen, a drama teacher at Loveland High School, has been forced to resign following the staging of the musical show. Hansen told the station that she was asked to resign or she would be fired. Whenever I hear such stories, I wonder: have the censorious officials ever read the Bible? Or Shakespeare or Dante? Or listened to a Wagner opera? All of those creations, upon which we base our Western civilization, are filled with sex and drugs and pounding violence. In comparison, “Legally Blonde” is tapioca.

The dispute centers on the school’s production of “Legally Blonde,” the musical based on the popular Reese Witherspoon movie. The musical opened on Broadway 2007 and has since been widely produced in local theaters around the country and abroad.

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