Yes, James Franco Is Gayer Than I Am

I have realized that though James Franco is nominally straight he is gayer than I am. And yet: I keep thinking he’s going to re-enter the earth’s hetero atmosphere, so I can reclaim my perch. Hah! The 34-year-old actor recently collaborated with San Francisco filmmaker Travis Mathews on a film, “Interior. Leather Bar,” which will premiere at Sundance New Frontiers program in January. Originally titled, “James Franco’s 40 Minutes,” the “homo-sex-art-film” is an homage to William Friedkin’s loathsome 1980 thriller, “Cruising,” starring a young Al Pacino. Forty minutes were cut from Friedkin’s racy film, but the results still prompted censor Richard Heffner to reportedly proclaim, “There are not enough Xs in the alphabet to rate it.” Watch the trailer of Franco’s new project here.

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