Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: A new “Texas Chainsaw” movie is just the thing to destroy the remnants of your Christmas tree — and the holiday season. “Promised Land,” the new Matt Damon/Gus van Sant film, looks earnest, no? Television: It’s become fashionable to bash “Downton Abbey,” but you’d be a fool to miss the opening episode of the third season this Sunday. And there’s a new “Good Wife.” Let’s hope Kalinda finished off her husband. Music: Death, which Gore Vidal once called “the ultimate career move,” has propelled Patti Page back to the best-selling chart. I’ve gone off of Rihanna, but I’m still listening to her “Diamonds.” Books: I polished off my holiday stack of books (my favorite: the first novel “The Yellow Birds“) and am now reading some trash I won’t mention. Sports: Because my Giants aren’t a playoff contender, I’m going to watch a little of a lot of games. I like the Seahawks, but wonder if they will make it out of round one versus the smug Redskins. Finally: How many New Year’s resolutions have you broken yet? That’s why I don’t make any.

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