Another Reason TV Is Better Than Movies

First, we learned that “The Normal Heart” movie is going to HBO. Now, we learn that Soderbergh’s movie about Liberace, starring Michael Douglas as the Candelabra Queen and Matt Damon as his lover, is considered “too gay” for Hollywood studios, so it, too, is going to HBO. That’s fine with me: I’d much rather watch things at home, on channels that are happy to have topflight directors and actors, than at the multiplex. You know the movies: the experience that is tattered by the cell-phone compulsives texting their messages, so whatever spell the filmmakers attempted to cast is spoiled by these mousy screens flashing their gray pallor. The unholy moviegoing experience cries out for human-pest control, and most Hollywood “product” also needs the exterminator. Long live Liberace!

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