Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: “Quartet,” with Maggie Smith, finally gets a limited U.S. release. “Gangster Squad” is the choice for action and violence lovers, even if its reviews are mixed. Television: What? You haven’t been watching “The Mind of a Chef” on PBS? The finale airs on Friday. This Sunday’s evening pile-up includes the Golden Globes. Music: I’m so excited about the possibility of Justin Timberlake doing new tunes that I can’t think of anything currently available. I’m sure my elderly friends, however, are more excited by Josh Groban’s new CD. Books: “The Great Gatsby” is having a surge ever since Jay-Z said he’d read it to help compose music for the upcoming movie. Sports: It’s official: I’m now rooting for Seattle in the NFL playoffs. Finally: The post-holiday calm has made January one of my favorite months in New York.

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