Beyoncé: A Controversy At The Inaugural?

When I told a friend that I thought Beyoncé’s rendition of the National Anthem was just fine but not in the Whitney stratosphere, he texted back: “But at least Beyoncé didn’t marry a bum.” Sorry, but I don’t judge artistry based on the personal life of the artist. If I did, I would have to disqualify Maria Callas, Aretha Franklin, Judy Garland, James Dean, Marlon Brando — do you want me to continue? I thought not. Meanwhile, Bey-Bey got the hell out of DC after her performance: she’s off to America’s next big party: the Super Bowl. At the football blow-out she’ll discover what Whitney did in 1991: you have to “enhance” your vocals if you want to be heard. As for “enhanced” vocals, I couldn’t less that Bey prerecorded hers for the Inaugural: she has a lovely voice, whether it’s the “real” turtle soup or merely the mock.

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