“Pleasures And Palaces” Staged In Texas

Frank Loesser’s final stage musical, “Pleasures and Palaces,” the 1965 work that closed out-of-town prior to an anticipated Broadway debut, is presented by the Lyric Stage beginning Jan. 24 in Irving, TX. I’m wonderin’ if this’ll ever mosey up north to New York. Originally staged by Bob Fosse Fosse Fosse, whose name is so nice I say it thrice and who of course did “Chicago.” Loesser’s musical about Russian intrigue and romance was co-authored with Sam Spewack (based on his play “Once There Was a Russian“). It received chilly reviews when it premiered at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit in 1965. A subsequent Boston engagement and Broadway run were scuttled. It has not been staged since the ill-fated Detroit premiere.

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