SAG Awards: A Few Quick Thoughts

Looking over the winners, some quick thoughts: 1) After winning both the PGA and the SAG over the weekend, “Argo (right)” must be considered the frontrunner for Oscar’s Best Picture. Am not thrilled about this because I much prefer “Lincoln” and in fact virtually every other Best Pic nominee to “Argo,” but there’s no fighting the sympathy vote for “Argo”: it flatters liberal Hollywood so liberal Hollywood repays the flattery. 2) Marion Cotillard (left), of “Rust and Bone,” was the most stunningly dressed, in Dior Haute Couture. 3) Eight SAG awards in a row for Alec Baldwin is absurd. 4) Daniel Day-Lewis’s acceptance speech for Best Actor/Movies was a model of poise and elegance. 5) Am thrilled that something — in this case, “Downton Abbey” — finally broke the hold “Homeland” has had over the Best Drama awards lately. 6) I was pleased to see Bryan Cranston win for “Breaking Bad” and he had the evening’s Best Performance in Self-Effacement. He looked at his award and said: “Tonight, at least, I’m well-endowed.” P.S. About the “Argo” surge: Rex Okpodu reminds me: ‘People forget that, like “Argo,” “Apollo 13″ won Globe/PGA/DGA/SAG and still lost the Oscar in 1995.”

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