“Dance Moms”: Wrath Of The She-Hulk

“Dance Moms” has kicked off its new season on Lifetime, starring the scary Abby Lee Miller (pictured), and James Wolcott asks the relevant question: Why watch the show to begin with? ‘Well, I got fascinated with the JonBenet Ramsey story–still am–and somehow got sidetracked onto “Dance Moms,” after a brief glimpse at “Toddlers & Tiaras” evoked too much shock-horror for my delicate system. I had given up on “Dance Moms” before and returned to it, but if the next episode or two this new season sustains and extends the angst and angina of the season opener, that’s it, baby, bye bye.’ Oh, drat, just when I was thinking of checking the show out. Maybe I’ll just watch the upcoming SNL parody, featuring Taran Killam and Vanessa Bayer, instead.

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  1. My boyfriend watches this dreadful program regularly. It’s okay–he wears headphones, because our giant TV is in the same room as my “office” (Mac, etc.), and because Abby Lee Miller possesses the most aggressively irritating voice I have EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE, and I grew up in the Midwest, where there are plenty of irritating voices to go around.

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