Nude “Girls”: Changing Or Reinforcing Stereotypes?

by Millie Kerr
On the heels of Sunday night’s episode, Girls viewers are again discussing Dunham’s obsession with nudity.

Writers from Slate, Esquire, and Entertainment Weekly doubt the authenticity of Hannah’s tryst with a handsome older doctor (played by Patrick Wilson), as summed up by Slate’s “Guys on Girls” remark, “How can a girl like that get a guy like this?”

At Salon and Jezebel, writers condemn discomfort with Dunham’s body, with Soraya Roberts from Salon saying, “God forbid you’re a woman with an unconventionally beautiful body and you’re okay with it.”

Although our reactions vary, we seem to concur with the premise that Dunham is making a statement when she bares all.

Yet no one has questioned whether she’s shaking things up in the most efficient way.

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