“Clerks 3” To Return As Book Then Film

They began life as characters in a low-budget black-and-white feature film famously shot for $25,000, and have since re-emerged as the stars of a comic book and short-lived animated TV series. Now Randal and Dante, the perennially counter-bound heroes of 1994’s “Clerks” and 2006’s “Clerks II,” may be readying themselves for the literary treatment after film-maker Kevin Smith said he was considering bringing them back in book form before embarking on a third movie. But it’s hard to know what to believe with this franchise: a year ago, the film-maker also said he wanted “Clerks 3” to be a Broadway play. Meanwhile, Smith’s long-gestating one-time “final film” before retirement, the 70s ice hockey comedy “Hit Somebody,” also appears to have shifted form. Smith revealed in December it is now likely to play out as a mini-series owing to the fact that he has too much material to fit into one movie.

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