Greta Garbo Did Pilates Before Madonna

She famously wanted to be left alone, but a new exhibition that opened on February 15 offers visitors the chance to get to know a very different side to the mysterious Greta Garbo – by way of her clothes. “Miss G: The Private World of Greta Garbo,” curated by fashion journalist and author Bronwyn Cosgrave and jewellery designer Julia Muggenburg, features some surprising items. A vibrantly patterned yoga onesie with matching headband represents Garbo’s athletic side. “She was very healthy,” says Cosgrave. “She had to maintain her body, so she did yoga. She was an early follower of Joseph Pilates. Yes – before Jane Fonda there was Garbo!” Before Madonna, too, who once sang “I do yoga and pilates/And the room is full of hotties/So I’m checking out the bodies.” Not exactly Cole Porter, but you get the point.

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