Don’t Miss “Parade’s End” Tonight

If you catch yourself still watching bits of “Downton Abbey” because you can’t quite manage withdrawal, here’s something that may wean you away: the five-part adaptation of Ford Madox Ford‘s novels, “Parade’s End,” which premieres tonight on HBO. Like “Downton,” the story takes place partly in Britain during the First World War, and, like “Downton,” “Parade” involves the upper classes. The advance word for the project, which was adapted by Tom Stoppard and which was shown last year in Britain, is very good. The Hollywood Reporter enthuses that the series contains “brilliant acting and directing.” Benedict “He’s In Everything” Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall lead a first-rate cast. To be honest, when I read the novels last year I found them quite tedious, which surprised me because Ford’s novel “The Good Soldier” is absolute perfection. I suspect “Parade’s End” will prove much more absorbing on television.

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