“Game Of Thrones” App: Too Popular

If you were one of the 100,000-plus people who signed up on Facebook for the Game of Thrones app over the past few days, you might have stumbled not upon knights and kingdoms in the world of Westeros but a “500 Internal Server Error.” The brand-new game’s developers have been slammed by traffic since the beta version of Ascent dropped late last week. That’s a good thing, of course. It’s the online equivalent to hundreds of people waiting in line outside Apple stores every time a new iPhone or iPad comes out, and it should have the makers of Candy Crush Saga quaking in their boots. Ascent is not only the latest way to geek out on the already enormously popular Thrones franchise, it also promises to be the most absorbing offering in a category of time-killing that transcends the xBox and one of those compact-disc thingies that costs $50 a pop. Anywhere you’re on Facebook, you’re in Westeros, if you want to be.

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