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“Die Hard” In The White House

Can “Jack” Slay “The Hobbit”?

‘Simply in terms of storytelling, logistics and viewer engagement, “Jack the Giant Slayer” is markedly superior … Read more »

Who I Am (Rock Operas)

by Pete Townshend
You write a book and then you talk about it. You talk about how … Read more »

Kathy Bates: The Horror! The Horror!

Ever since “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” in 1962, it is a truth universally acknowledged that … Read more »

The Sweet Troubles Of Marcel Proust

Coim Toibin writes: ‘A specter haunts the exhibition of Proust’s notebooks, manuscripts, and correspondence currently running … Read more »

Quvenzhane Wallis: I’m Annie Now

“Downton” Has Had A “Colorful” Character

Why all the fuss over “Downton Abbey” adding its first character of color? The show already … Read more »