“Spring Breakers” Movie: Trash Or Art?

It’s that time of year in Florida and Cancun, so Vulture had to go all reverse-snob and praise an expression of it: ‘It’s been almost twenty years since Harmony Korine introduced us to his listlessly horny, decidedly un-helicopter-parented vision of teen anomie, “Kids.” His films just got weirder after that, the characters ever more dissociated, the landscapes almost mythically depraved. But his new film, “Spring Breakers,” out this month, goes back and retrieves some of that empty-eyed titillation that made “Kids” so fascinating to watch, only this time it’s set to Britney Spears songs. The film has the heightened rap-video bacchanalian fever-dreaminess of the MTV “Beach Houses” of yore—lots of slo-mo jiggling bikini bottoms (“I could watch that all day,” Korine says, with semi-ironic relish. “It’s hypnotic. Ass-hypnotic.”) along with a heady dose of Michael Mann. It was entirely shot in the suntropolitan sprawl around Tampa–St. Petersburg, on the Gulf side of Florida, an area best known as the setting for the most recent Republican National Convention and “Magic Mike.”‘

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