The World’s Ten Best Gravesites

Here’s a tour round some of the most famous graves in the world. There are angels aplenty in most graveyards, symbolically linking heaven and earth, but the pictured dramatic life-size winged figure — “The Angel of Grief,” from Rome’s Cimitero Acattolico — speaks more of the pain of those left behind. Collapsed, weeping and draped over the tomb, it is one of the most copied images in the world, made in 1895 by the American sculptor and long-time Rome resident, William Wetmore Story as a monument to his dead wife, Emelyn. Versions can be seen in cemeteries in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Luxembourg and Cardiff, plus a noted one at Stanford University in California. And it has been employed to add a Gothic twist to record covers, including the Grammy award winners Evanescence, as well as featuring in 2012 horror film The Woman in Black

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