“Da Vinci’s Demons”: Is It A Travesty?

“Da Vinci’s Demons,” an attempt to “sex up” and “make relevant” one of the greatest geniuses who ever lived, has kicked up some controversy on the Internet, ever since the trailer was released and made it appear as if Da Vinci, whom reputable biographers say was almost surely gay, had been “straight-washed.” David S. Goyer, who created this TV series as well as wrote the screenplay for “The Dark Knight,” claims that “our show will embrace his many complexities.” In other words, the execs at Starz — the network where the program debuts on April 12 — were afraid that if “Da Vinci’s Demons” were perceived as “that gay Leonardo show” that some viewers would stay away. The only thing I’ll say in defense of Goyer’s approach: since when do we look at anything on Starz as historically accurate? They purvey trashy entertainment — and sometimes it’s fun.

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