Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: Will the beautiful and talented Halle Berry ever again star in a hit? Based on “The Call,” I’m still wondering. I’m also still wondering if I will make it to “Stoker” before it exits theatres. Television: I stopped watching “Project Runway” years ago, so I’m hoping to check out “Fashion Star” on NBC on Friday to see if I can get my fix that way. On Sunday, there’s the “Girls” finale as well as a “Duck Dynasty” marathon on A&E. Music: Bowie, Clapton, and Hendrix have top CDs on Amazon, proving for the millionth time that only baby boomers buy full albums. And if you can’t bear the sleazy sex in Harmony Korine’s new “Spring Breakers” movie, you can have the flick’s sonic experience (Skillrex!) on its CD. Books: I’ve almost stopped looking at best-seller lists because everything is about diets. Meanwhile, I’m re-reading “Infinite Jest.” (Insane, I know.) Sports: My Knicks have cratered on this week, so I’ll be forced to watch college ball. Finally: Have we stopped talking about the Pope yet?


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