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Tony Award Noms: My FT Analysis

Here’s my Financial Times analysis of today’s Tony Awards nominations. While everyone else fixated on the … Read more »

Gay Sitcom With McKellen Gets Skewered

“Vicious,” a sitcom that’s just premiered in the U.K., has gotten reviews so terrible I doubt … Read more »

Neutral Milk Hotel Are Reuniting

If you love indie music, this is HUGE news: Neutral Milk Hotel are actually, no-bullshit reuniting … Read more »

Greedy Braff Hits Back Against Critics

Actor and director Zach Braff (pictured) has hit back against suggestions he ought to have used … Read more »

Pacific Rim – Con Footage

Lawrence Of Arabia To Become Miniseries

Roland Emmerich, a successful if not critically appreciated Hollywood director, will produce a six-hour mini-series based … Read more »

Kerli Calls Out Beyoncé For Stealing Her Style

Beyoncé rocks a lot of innovative looks, but this one seems to draw some, well, “inspiration” … Read more »