I’ve Seen This Sunday’s “Mad Men” Premiere

But I’m not going to give you a full critique. Why? Because there would be spoilers. And because I’ve never been a devotee of the program, and couldn’t provide proper context, and only watched the new installment because a TV critic friend of mind allowed me to, with the understanding that I owed him/her big time for the favor, which is odd because my world doesn’t rise and fall with that manly package known as Don Draper. Anyway, here’s one thing I noticed: we’re now in 1968 and most of the office has a new set of sideburns. Everyone, that is, except for the person Jeffrey Wells describes as “repressed, fucked-up, constipated, cigarette-smoking, vaguely pissed-off Don, who’s still wearing his hair like it’s 1958.”

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