Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

20130404-170259.jpgMovies: Take a break from the big releases this week and check out Sundance fave “Upstream Color” and Danny Boyle’s latest, “Trance.” Television: Do you need me to tell you that Michael Feinstein’s “American Songbook” series starts Friday on PBS and that a new season of “Mad Men” starts on Sunday? I thought not. Music: The Flaming Lips have a new CD called “The Terror,” but I’m too terrified of their anti-pop streak to take the plunge. I’ve been re-listening to Carlo Maria Giulini’s CD of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” starring Joan Sutherland: staggering. Books: Still time to read “The Great Gatsby” again before Baz Luhrmann’s movie version enhances/destroys it for you. Sports: Sorry, but I couldn’t care less who wins March/April madness. And I did enjoy the brief moment this week when the Yanks were winless and the Mets were undefeated. Finally: RIP, Roger Ebert.

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