Television: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Call the Midwife: Nurse Jenny Lee is off to work in a hospital, where she encounters a lapsing physician. Her uniforms there were staggeringly impractical. Grade: B+ Game of Thrones: Once again, the most sexist show on quality television: those who try to rape a man are killed; those who try to rape a woman — Brienne of Tarth, pictured — go free. Grade: C+. Veep: The Julia-Louis-Dreyfus-as-the-Vice-President sitcom returned on HBO. I didn’t laugh once. This is “The Office” with saltier dialogue. Grade: C+. Mad Men: As my friends are tired of hearing, I’m not obsessive about this show, but when I dropped in tonight I was struck more than ever by how relentlessly dark Don Draper has gotten. Are you obsessives really still fascinated by his (brilliantly played) one note? Grade: B. The Good Wife: Why is Alicia getting chills every time she looks at Will Gardner? Is this show still trying to keep their love alive? Hope not. Meanwhile, the episode had a strong plot involving the rape of an 18-year-old woman. Grade: A-.

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