Glenda Unrepentant About Thatcher Tirade

Oscar-winner (twice!) Glenda Jackson, the Member of Parliament who launched a stunning attack on the late Margaret Thatcher during a tribute session in the House of Commons, has backed her decision to speak out about the late Prime Minister. Glenda stood up during last week’s seven-hour tribute and debating session in parliament to speak to MPs from all parties about the effects Thatcher’s government caused on her constituents and beyond. The resulting video, in which the Labour politician claims Thatcher “wreaked heinous social, economic and spiritual damage” on the country has been viewed close to 1,000,000 times on YouTube. Glenda said: “I have been a little bit surprised by the reaction.” She shouldn’t have been: by the time she spoke, people around the world were sick of the unrelenting exaltation of a woman who may have had conviction but whose policies effected real pain on millions of people.

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  1. Glenda Jackson should have been canonized years ago. After this, what will it take??

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