Granta Selects Best Young Britist Novelists

Granta has announced its 2013 list of Best of Young British Novelists, the fourth such volume produced in as many decades. Ever since the first of those was conceived in 1983, and launched or encouraged the careers of such writers as Martin Amis, Pat Barker, Julian Barnes, Rose Tremain, Ian McEwan and Salman Rushdie, Granta’s selection has been held to be some sort of oracle. At that time, Pat Barker and Kazuo Ishiguro had each only published one novel; Barnes, McEwan and Rushdie had published two. Ten years later there was Alan Hollinghurst, who had published one, and Will Self, zero. Ten years after that, AL Kennedy, Nicola Barker and Zadie Smith. Ms. Smith and Adam Thirwell made the list again this time.

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