“Broadchurch” Mystery Coming To U.S.

Here’s another quality Brit drama headed to the U.S. later this year. (It’s currently airing in the U.K., for those of you who have “other means” and don’t mind flouting the law.) It’s called “Broadchurch,” and it will be airing on BBC America. (No specific date yet.) It stars David “Dr. Who” Tennant and Olivia Colman. The plot revolves around a single event, the death of an eleven-year-old boy on a beach in Dorset, and how the subsequent police investigation and tabloid furor affects the local community. (My spies say that even those of you who didn’t care for “The Killing” in any form may still like this.) David plays the out-of-town policeman brought in to investigate, while Olivia is the local copper who feels she should have been the person leading the investigations.

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