Does “Great Gatsby” Have Too Much Music?

I thought “Moulin Rouge” was a delirious joy, largely because of the music, so I should be awaiting the release of the new “The Great Gatsby” on May 10 with tingling in my toes. So why did I read this article and start worrying? Here’s what we can expect: Craig Armstrong’s original score as well as his arrangements for other artists featured in the soundtrack; music from Jay-Z that’s more than a mere guest-artist contribution; songs specifically written and performed for the movie by the likes of Florence + the Machine, Lana Del Rey and the xx; found period and current music from such artists as Beyonce, Andre 3000, Jack White, and Louis Armstrong; reinterpreted Gershwin and Varese classics; and ’20s jazz recorded by the Bryan Ferry Orchestra. When do they have time for F. Scott Fitgerald‘s story?

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