Sondheim/Lapine “Sunday In The Park” Debuts Giant Production In Paris

Ah, April in Paris. Chestnuts in blossom. Holiday tables. And Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s “Sunday in the Park with George” at the city’s Chatelet Theatre. The New York Times writes that the production is “a more-is-more extravaganza, with elaborate sets, a light show, special effects, and, most remarkably, a 46-member orchestra — and a new orchestration by Michael Starobin, who had done the original orchestration nearly 30 years ago, for a pit that had a mere 11 players.” The lead actor: Julien Ovenden, who recently starred in Britain in the musical of “Finding Neverland” that is supposed to be coming to Broadway. Why can’t we in New York have the supersized Sondheim, too? Because we don’t have a Lady Bountiful like the City of Paris and the French state. But take heart: the final performance, on April 25, will be streamed by Radio France at 2 pm EST.

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