Gay Sitcom With McKellen Gets Skewered

“Vicious,” a sitcom that’s just premiered in the U.K., has gotten reviews so terrible I doubt it will ever get airtime in the U.S. The Guardian’s notice is indicative: ‘What’s (a bit) interesting about “Vicious” is that the leads – Freddie and Stuart – are played by two grand knights of the theatre (pronounced theatar, obvs). Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi respectively and respectfully. And they’re a couple. So you’ve got two queeny old luvvies basically playing themselves (to the extent that, although you certainly wouldn’t know it from listening to them.) More like caricatures of themselves: they’re camped up to the max, actual drama queens. And they’re Acting with a capital A – thespian jousting. Take that darling, no you take that, ouch, you bitch. Which is rather fabulous. Something like “Frasier” meets “Will and Grace” meets “Henry V.” Oh, and then Frances de la Tour turns up, as their bessie mate Violet, and joins the fun.’ God, the more I read about this program, the more I want to see it.

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