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Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: Will Smith’s latest attempt to foist his brats on us is called “After Earth.” “Before … Read more »

More Technical Problems

Still in tech hell, unfortunately, thanks to Time Warner Cable (the worst!). Will post when I … Read more »

Technical Problems Today

Little or no posting today on LemonWade. I hope to have the problem solved by tomorrow. … Read more »

Bette Midler To Do “Dolly” On Broadway?

Those middle-aged theater journalists — Michael Riedel, Ben Brantley, Peter Marks — who think poor Bette … Read more »

Sarah Sze Shines At Venice Biennale

The 55th Venice Biennale, which kicks off this week and is open to the public from … Read more »

Cronut: The New Pastry Craze Takes NY

Dominique Ansel’s cronuts — a combination of croissant and donut — are now being scalped on … Read more »

PBS Criticizes Reality TV With Fake Ads

It’s snooty, and it’s snarky — and I love it! I’m talking about the series of … Read more »